Aminata Garba

Assistant Teaching Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phone: +1 412 268 8558




Aminata Garba has worked at the National Institute for Scientific Research (Canada), the National Center for Scientific Research (France) and the Regulatory Authority of Niger in the development and implementation of telecommunications and utilities regulatory frameworks.

Her research interests include coding, information theory, signal processing, transceiver design, and optical and wireless communication systems, ICT for development, public policy and regulations.


BSc Electrical Engineering, Laval University
MSc Electrical Engineering, McGill University
PhD Electrical Engineering, McGill University

Selected Publications

  • A. A. Garba, R. M. H. Yim, J. Bajcsy, L. R. Chen, “Analysis of optical CDMA signal transmission: Capacity and simulation results,” EURASIP J. Appl. Sig. Process. – Special Issue on Signal Analysis Tools for Optical Information Processing, pp. 1603 – 1616, Jul. 2005. 
  • A. A. Garba, J. Bajcsy: “Optical Code Division Multiple Access Network Transmission With M-ary Chip Symbols, IEEE Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, pp. 435 – 446, April 2011.
  • A. A.  Garba, J. Bajcsy: “A non-Gaussian coding scheme that exceeds conjectured Gaussian capacity limit in CDMA transmission with single-user decoding,” Proc. International Symposium on Information Theory and Applications, Seoul, Korea, pp.557 – 562, Oct. 2006.