95-716   Principles of Finance

Location: Africa

Units: 6

Semester Offered: Spring

Course description

This course covers key managerial accounting & finance concepts and analytical techniques, which are essential for business decision-makers. Amongst the key concepts and analytical tools are breakeven analysis, Activity-Based Costing, zero-based budgeting, investment evaluation technique, variance analysis and internal control system. These vital management concepts and techniques will be discussed, primarily in the context of information technology (IT) sector. Whether your goal is to work at multinational corporations, like Apple or Google; consulting firms, like Deloitte or Ernst & Young, or to start your own business, the knowledge and skills of principles of finance will help you to become a competent business analyst, consultant, entrepreneur, or manager.

Learning objectives

1. Locate financial information to analyze companies 
2. Describe how their decisions as managers will affect the financial statements. 
3. Discuss the balance sheet and income statement and how the most common accounts are valued. 
4. Determine how profits are calculated. 
5. Understand how changes in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet affect the availability of cash necessary to meet business needs. 
6. Analyze a company’s financial health using ratio analysis.



95-715 Financial Accounting 6 Credits

Faculty: Tiong Kiong LimLynne Pastor

Course format: Online

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