95-831   Enterprise Architecture

Location: Africa

Units: 6

Semester Offered: Intermittent

Course description

Enterprise Architectures intends to be an initial exposure to enterprise architectures, EA concepts, and foundations and to develop an understanding of how EA can be the difference between successful and scalable business - versus chaotic, constrained, and stagnant businesses. The course offers an introductory pathway for those who are new to EA, as well as functional business people desiring a broad overview of EA and its’ benefits. The course informs students regarding EA frameworks (TOGAF, Zachman, EA3), framework approaches, and optimizations that when applied capture the current and future structure of business internals by aligning them with enterprise strategy. The course progresses from the business view of EA, into transition activities utilizing elements of standard EA frameworks, and closing with the value EA brings to technological transformational activities and stewardship through disruptive developments in the marketplace. 

Learning Objectives

• Understand the advantages and constraints of exist EA frameworks as foundations for execution 
• Compare and classify EA components in context and create visual representations of EA solutions 
• Render business capability in non-technical terms and recognize EA’s ability to map out strategic IT solutions 




Faculty: Mark Yanalitis

Course format: Online

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