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Are you interested in having CMU students work on an ICT problem in your industry for a full semester? Master’s Practicums are designed explicitly for this purpose.

Master’s Practicum Projects are ideal for companies that have a complex industry problem or a new idea, but do not have the resources or time to devote to it. You are also providing students with practical experience solving real-world problems.

The project provides companies with a student consulting team who will work 20 hours a week over one semester on your engineering problem—that’s over 250 hours​ of work per student. Practicum projects can be completed in either the fall semester (August-December) or the spring semester (January-May).

Faculty advisors will provide guidance to the team to ensure that prescribed processes and methodologies are being followed, and that the project is completed on time and efficiently.

There are no costs to company sponsors for Master’s Practicum Projects. However, CMU-Africa does appreciate contributions that will help us run our educational programs. Make a gift.

Practicum partners

Working with CMU practicum students allowed us to leverage their understanding of Rwanda, while still getting a quality technical application built.

Rebecca Davis, Founder, MindLeaps USA

What time commitment is expected of me as a practicum sponsor?

As a sponsor, companies are expected to provide a representative to work directly with the team on a weekly or more frequent basis.

What if my practicum takes longer than one semester?

We only accept practicum projects that can be reasonably completed within fifteen weeks. However, sometimes projects grow beyond what is initially expected, and if that happens with your project, you can negotiate with the student team to get the work completed under a separate agreement. Please note that this portion of the work is not considered part of the academic experience, and will not be supervised by a faculty member.

What kind of legal agreement can my company expect?

Once your company is selected to be a practicum sponsor, CMU will provide an Intellectual Propoerty (IP) agreement for you to review and sign. It should be noted that the contracts are between the practicum sponsors and the students.

Do I need to provide office space for the team?

No. The bulk of your team’s work will be conducted at Carnegie Mellon University’s Kigali location, though they will be available to meet with you on-site when required for the project, such as for weekly meetings. We have video conferencing equipment to facilitate who are based outside of Kigali.

Can I hand-pick the students on the team?

If there are particular students in the master’s program that you would like to recommend for the project, you can do so in the practicum project proposal form. However, not all requests can be accommodated. CMU-Africa faculty work to balance the skills of the students working on your project. You can ask for particular skills required to carry out the project.

Can I require students to sign non-disclosure agreements and/or intellectual property documents prior to the start of a practicum?

Yes, so long as students are aware of this requirement before agreeing to work on the team.

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