Kigali is an exciting and lively place to visit, study and work. One of the first things most people notice is that Kigali is spotlessly clean. Residents of Rwanda enjoy a low corruption rate and high quality of life, making the country an ideal location for innovative ideas, research and exploration. Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda’s countryside is picturesque -- full of billowing green hills, turquoise lakes and unique wildlife. Students have the opportunity to explore the Rwanda’s remarkable landscape and culture when they aren’t busy with assignments.

CMU-Africa is a non-residential campus. Students are responsible for their own living costs such as housing and dining costs. For international students, it is important to plan and prepare a budget before you arrive in Kigali. Your tuition fees do not include living costs. Students planning to apply to CMU-Africa can anticipate these costs.


  • Rental (1 bedroom,self-contained) - $68 - $138 per month
  • Shared rental (2+ bedrooms, self-contained) - $59 - $114 per month


CMU-Africa offers bus shuttle services for the students. There is one shift at 7 AM in the morning taking students from central pickup locations. There are three shifts in the evening starting between 11 PM and 3 AM to take students home. Intracity travel in Kigali includes motorcycle taxis, public minibuses and private taxis.