CMU-Africa is here to support and foster your intellectual and personal growth and help you explore and experience the different aspects of life. Recruitment and Student Services at CMU-Africa meet regularly with student body leaders. They discuss their ongoing needs and develop ways to enrich the student experience, which includes informing the leaders about new opportunities as well as providing support for student-led projects.

Meet the Student Guild

Student guild

Source: Carnegie Mellon University Africa

L-R: Sylvia Asiimwe(Social Affairs Minister), Gedeon Nyiyonkuru(Sport Minister), Alice China(Finance Minister), Beatrice Birir(Communications Minister), David Butera(President), Brian Lamtoo(Vice President), Rahma Ahmed(Academics Minister), Charity Alupo(International Students Coordinator) and Deus Makombe(Auditor General)

Athletics and recreation

There are a number of sports and recreation options available to CMU-Africa students, including:

  • Access to the Umubano gym, aerobics, and pool facility
  • Sports events organized by the student body, such as football and volleyball games
  • Lakeside picnics and boat rides, especially at the beginning of the semester to help students get to know each other
  • Movies and documentaries (usually after exams)
  • Bowling (usually after exams)
  • Outings scheduled by the student body, such as concerts

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